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Customer Success

Our Customer Success team is a central hub that ensures a positive and valuable experience across all departments within All Lines Technology. Through Project Management, Engagement Managers, and Service Coordinators, our customers can trust that their accounts are well cared for. With both proactive and reactive approaches to future and current projects, services, and escalations, this team allows us to deepen our relationships with our clients as a provider and advisor.


Project Management

Our project management team focuses on planning and organizing our customers’ projects, resource allocation, and expectation management. With the right project planning, we can ensure that your services are delivered on time and within budget. By using our above project management methods, we work to map your project’s journey proactively to understand where deadlines and projected spend will align. Our goal is to always work collaboratively with our customers to efficiently allocate our resources, as well as work to avoid delays and project overspend.

  • Seamless and detailed tracking of project efforts within our robust ticketing
  • Facilitation of project status calls
  • Ensuring a smooth communication stream across all project efforts
  • Utilizing a comprehensive project plan to identify efficiencies in guiding the assigned team

Service Coordination

All Lines Technology’s dedicated Service Coordinators are responsible for the scheduling of our team – from MSP Engineers, Senior Engineers, and Solution Architects, to working directly with our customers to align service needs. Our team works assiduously to triage requests via our customer portal, email, and direct phone line. These requests can include anything from a critical priority alert, to needing available times for a meeting to discuss a potential project need with one of our Solutions Architects and sales team.

  • Dedicated team to schedule resources across all business units within All Lines Technology
  • Proactive maintenance of scheduled MSP tickets and resource allocation, with customer communication and transparency
  • Escalation points for seamless transitions through departments
  • Triage of emergency alerts and critical service needs

Engagement Management

Engagement Management at All Lines Technology is top priority, as we want to be sure to deliver the best customer service experience across projects, ticket management, and triage of our customers’ needs. Through both proactive and reactive support, our Engagement Managers are working diligently to keep customer satisfaction at the highest levels. With a dedicated ally from our Engagement Management team, customers can truly feel that they are valued as part of a business relationship. The approach taken by our Engagement team allows customers to directly escalate any questions or concerns, with the assurance that there will be documented review and communications accordingly.

  • Proactive and reactive support across tickets, including SLA (Service Level Agreements) reviews and resolution rates
  • Root cause analysis for critical items and/or repeat alerts
  • Hands-on and communicative approach for customer needs
  • Meeting sessions and surveys to review satisfaction


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