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The Booming Business That Leaves Many Heartbroken

Social media scams are nothing new and in today’s digital era where social media platforms are filled with scammers trying to take everything you own, the professional networking site, LinkedIn, is no exception. LinkedIn has become such a valuable platform for many individuals, giving you the opportunity to connect with potential business partners and colleagues […]

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LinkedIn Scams: A Whole New Level of Hacking

LinkedIn has become notorious for networking, career development, and job seeking, helping millions all around the world potentially secure their dream job. The Social networking platform looks to alleviate the most difficult tasks when looking for a job, making it easy for all job seekers to stay on top of their job search. Searching for […]

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The Effect AI has on Cybersecurity

The progression of artificial intelligence has grown exceptionally over the past few years. From machine learning to natural language generation, this new and advanced technology has exceeded everyone’s expectations making its way into practically every industry. But with such quick advancement many questions have been raised on whether AI needs to be put to a […]

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