Managed Infrastructure

As organizations begin to place compute workloads into the cloud and transform their datacenters and infrastructures to harness the full power of virtualization, IT is under immense pressure to rethink and redesign how to deploy and manage their infrastructure across private and cloud platforms. This proposition is both knowledge- and time-intensive and requires IT staffs to raise their game.

For modern IT organizations, Managed IT Services are an incredibly smart solution to supporting hybrid IT environments. All Lines' Infrastructure capabilities offer customers modern IT resource management services while keeping costs predictable and controlled so IT is free to concentrate on strategic initiatives that drive business



IT Asset Discovery

Auto-discover new devices in your networks and take the necessary steps to start monitoring and managing them.

Businesses going through rapid change, personnel turnover, or acquisitions sometimes lose track of IT resources resulting in major IT asset management problems. All Lines Technology provides businesses with comprehensive IT asset tracking services and puts together plans that improve overall business operations while reducing capital costs.

All Lines offers IT Asset Discovery services that find, document, and assess network, server, virtualization, application, desktop, storage, and backup/archive infrastructure. We help clients encapsulate all device information (interfaces, disks, CPU, BIOS)—as well as warranty details.




Infrastructure Management

Because the modern IT infrastructure spans physical, virtual, and cloud environments, poor infrastructure management can quickly become costly as business operations are exposed to:

  • Reduced user productivity as network and application infrastructure performance slows due to failing devices, storage quotas exceeded, or configuration errors
  • Security leaks when servers and desktops are not updated with the latest security patches
  • Loss of data due to servers or desktops have not been properly setup for backups

Manage Physical Resources: servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, UPSs, applications, printers, switches, routers, firewalls, and storage platforms.

Manage Virtual Resources: your entire virtual infrastructure and application stack, along with on-premise private cloud environments.




IT Monitoring and Alerting

All Lines offers clients full monitoring, management, and triaging of all IT alerts across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Rather than switch between four or five different, proprietary systems each monitoring a silo within your IT infrastructure, All Lines aggregates all IT alert information across your environment and handles IT remediation and triaging behind the scenes. This frees up your IT personnel to focus on driving higher value services and projects core to your business.

IT Monitoring & Alerting Capabilities:

• Network Monitoring & Alerting

• Server Monitoring & Alerting

• Application Monitoring & Alerting

• Security Monitoring & Alerting

• Cloud Monitoring & Alerting

All Lines IT Monitoring and Alerting services are customizable and designed to meet the needs of both SMB as well as large enterprises. All Lines helps customers drive business by better leveraging IT processes and assets while reducing overall IT costs.




Onsite IT Support 

All Lines provides onsite IT support necessary for a high quality, comprehensive program that complements our Managed IT Services and is customized for the specific needs of client business and budgets.

Onsite IT support teams are familiar with client business and IT infrastructure and are available to ensure IT environments are running at optimum levels. Also, All Lines provides clients with technicians who perform regularly scheduled onsite visits to provide quality technical service.

All Lines Onsite IT Support Teams include:

Technical Account Manager—responsible for overall technical quality of service, planning services, and reviews; also acts as team lead for all All Lines managed support services

Primary Support Engineer—knows client business needs and systems and acts as trusted resource for clients

PC Specialists—understand system and user environment and work with the Primary Engineer and All Lines IT Help Desk

Extended Engineering Team—All Lines engineers with a diverse array of IT skills, on call for special needs and project services.




Patch Management

Systems and technology should just work; IT should be about enabling your business, not patch management.

All Lines offers proactive IT maintenance and problem remediation for network infrastructure, servers, storage area networks, storage arrays, applications and many more device categories. Our cross-certified engineers resolve IT problems before they create issues for business, improving overall efficiency and allowing IT staff more time to focus on business strategy.

All Lines helps lower OpEx costs by offering patch management services that automatically scan for missing patches and push out system and firmware updates.  Proactive IT maintenance services include more than just Windows patches; we can ensure specific applications (e.g. SQL, Exchange), other OSs (e.g. Linux), and physical devices (e.g. routers, switches, firewalls) are all up to date. 




IT Performance Reporting

Physical resources don’t power business. Data and Business Intelligence power business.

Many companies face an uphill task with the sheer volume of data generated by operational processes in modern IT environments such as monitoring information, alerts, tickets, logs, and other system data. And when event correlation and prediction capabilities are absent, so are analytics and insight, resulting in inaccurate decision making and poor availability, performance, and user satisfaction.

All Lines IT performance templates aggregate and correlate pertinent data generating reports for clients that CEOs and CIOs want to see. Now high value IT teams can concentrate on strategic IT initiatives, not run around retrieving data from disparate systems and compiling incongruent IT reports.