Vulnerability management is a proactive approach to identify, manage, and mitigate network vulnerabilities to improve the security of enterprise applications, software, and devices.

This involves identifying vulnerabilities in IT assets, evaluating risk, and taking appropriate action across systems or networks.

Attackers are constantly looking for software vulnerabilities to exploit.  They can create an exploit for a vulnerability within weeks and know many organizations  are vulnerable for years after.  Creating a Vulnerability Management program is necessary for preventing costly cybersecurity breaches and incidents, as well  as meeting regulatory compliance for programs like HIPAA and PCI DSS.  Partnering with All Lines Technology will yield you an effective vulnerability management program to reduce your risk.

Vulnerability Management

The key benefits to our program service include:

• A comprehensive asset inventory

• Regular vulnerability scanning for internal and external networks

• Risk-prioritized reporting with a near-zero false positive rate

• Optimized integration with your remediation processes

• Regular measurements for continuous improvement

• Optional service available to also manage your remediation processes