Azure Infrastructure Workshop 

For new or existing Azure customers, this workshop provides both technical and business fundamentals that aid the customer in understanding how to deploy resources in Azure, improve utilization and establish hybrid connectivity with their data center or office. This in-depth workshop covers best practices for architecting, developing and managing services and applications in Azure. The Azure IaaS Workshop is tailored to customer requirements. This empowers users to move workloads into the Azure platform quickly, cost-effectively and seamlessly.  

Key Features and Benefits 

• Design meetings specifically around best practices  

• Provide Azure recommendations and resources 

• Provide a final design validation as part of the workshop 

• Deployment of initial test and configuration in Azure 


• A working Azure Cloud Service configuration in your Azure subscription 

• Example configuration, design and recommendations, summary documents with soft copies of the actual working configurations files  

Workshop Topics 

• Onboarding and Azure account access 

• Azure Best Practices – setup and configuration 

• Azure Portal 

• Compute services and network options 

• Storage and content delivery 

• Managed Azure services 

• Billing and usage optimization 

• Deployment and management 

• Configuration and automation options