Fully Dedicated Infrastructure from Top to Bottom

All Lines fully managed private cloud services solve the rapidly evolving enterprise customer business challenges for deploying hybrid or dedicated cloud services. Our offering avoids many of the technical, political, and organizational obstacles that impede private cloud adoption while neutralizing the security and regulatory concerns that many customers must still overcome with public cloud.


Each Private Cloud is dedicated to a single customer. Leverage enterprise-class virtualization architecture and years of infrastructure experience without expansive budgets or challenging cloud management strategies.

No Upfront Capital

Buy, deploy, and manage your virtualization environment cost-effectively. Optimize your IT budget to support your mission-critical needs and projects.


Deploy highly customized solutions and professional services without using your own capital. Grow your infrastructure as fluctuating demand requires. Private cloud hosting allows for flexible deployment times and ensures you never overbuy your IT resources.


Discover the most flexible and cost-effective single-tenant cloud service available. Built to order, Managed Private Cloud is a performance-oriented solution designed for mid- large-sized enterprises. As a robust cloud platform tailored to meet your exact IT and business needs, it efficiently supports your operations. From hypervisor down, our team does all the heavy lifting, so you never have to worry about managing your virtualization infrastructure.