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The Effect AI has on Cybersecurity

The progression of artificial intelligence has grown exceptionally over the past few years. From machine learning to natural language generation, this new and advanced technology has exceeded everyone’s expectations making its way into practically every industry. But with such quick advancement many questions have been raised on whether AI needs to be put to a stop. As artificial intelligence continues to get more sophisticated, cyberattacks seem to be right behind it, leaving cybercriminals at even more of an advantage than ever before. So, you have to wonder, does artificial intelligence have the chance to have a greater risk than reward in the cybersecurity industry? That question seems to be one that comes around time and time again and yet from recent development it still may be unknown. The role AI has played in cybersecurity so far has been remarkable, from early detection of cyber threats to being able to process large amounts of data in seconds. Many are in awe at what this technology is actually able to accomplish. But cybercriminals have also taken advantage of AI technology, giving them a resource to make everyone’s life more difficult. We’ve already seen knock off ChatGPTs, such as WormGPT and FraudGPT, which has shown just how powerful it really can be. From helping cybercriminals become more grammatically correct to promoters claiming their product has zero ethical constraints, this type of AI technology could be a recipe for disaster.

Extra Security for the Cybersecurity Industry

As the role of AI continues to play an increasingly important role in cybersecurity many are starting to realize the amount of good it is able to achieve in this industry. With cyberattacks being more complex than ever, AI is able to provide the speed needed to handle any emerging threats that may be coming for your organization. With hackers constantly producing new ideas to infiltrate an organization, it’s important that your organization evolves as technology evolves. With cyberattacks continuing to rise at an alarming rate you need something that can give you an extra hand and AI could be the answer. Here are six benefits when implementing AI into your security protocol:

  1. Faster Threat Detection
  2. Automated Malware Detection
  3. Social Engineering Detection
  4. Helping to Work Smarter
  5. Managing Vulnerabilities
  6. Spotting Cyberattack Trends

Cybercriminals using AI for their Benefit

As the endless advancement of AI technology continues to amaze just about everyone cybercriminals are behind the scenes trying to use AI to their advantage. The malicious intent cybercriminals have with AI will likely continue to leverage their potential to launch more effective and damaging attacks. It is important for businesses and individuals to be aware of the risks and challenges posed by AI in cybersecurity and to adopt appropriate countermeasures and best practices to protect themselves from these threats. Here are 11 negative ways cybercriminals are using AI for their benefit:

  1. Deep Fakes
  2. AI-Powered password cracking
  3. AI-Assisted Hacking
  4. Supply Chain Effects
  5. Business Email Compromise
  6. Advanced Persistent Threats
  7. Ransomware Attacks
  8. Fraudulent Transactions
  9. Payment Getaways
  10. Distributed Denial of Service
  11. Intellectual Property Theft

AI Shows Promise but Poses Many Threats

The growth of AI shows no signs of stopping anytime soon and to think that cybercriminals have the ability to get their hands on this type of high powered technology is a concept that is overly concerning for many. AI is reshaping the way everyone looks at cybersecurity, both in a positive and negative way. On one hand AI is able to do things at a more proficient rate than humans ever could but at the same time AI can be easily taken advantage of and used in wrong and non-ethical ways. AI in cybersecurity will change the dynamic of this industry for years to come and hopefully it is used for more good than bad!