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Microsoft Security: The Service Your Business Has Been Waiting For.

Cyberattacks have been one of the most talked about subjects over the last three years. From businesses to schools, it’s continuing to be a problem for just about everyone. With all the help that is out there, and all the services certain companies provide, such as All Lines Technology, certain organizations still tend to believe that they will be okay without a security plan in place. Cybercriminals have gotten so creative with the way they attack nowadays that one of the most important things you can do as a business is to invest in a security plan before it’s too late.

When you think of Microsoft what comes to mind? Maybe Windows 10 or 11, Windows Server, their Office products (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook), their surface pros and tablets, Microsoft 365 services such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online, maybe power platform or even Azure cloud services? But maybe something that didn’t come to mind at first was their security services. As technology gets more advanced and your business becomes more at risk for cyberattacks it needs a service that will not only protect you and your employees, but you also need someone you can trust. Microsoft has been able to take their security services to the next level as in 2022 Microsoft security was able to block more than 70 billion identity and email threats which helped saved tons of businesses from getting attacked but in the same amount of time over 200 large organizations in the US alone were affected by ransomware. Microsoft has been able to help thousands of organizations stay safe from cyberattacks that seem to keep getting more complex year after year. Cybersecurity is a topic that will continue to keep growing as technology keeps advancing and the last thing you want is to be in the middle of a cyberattack and not have some kind of cybersecurity plan in place.

Why You Should Choose Microsoft Security

Cybersecurity continues to be one of the biggest challenges any business has to face. With budget and resource constraints at the top of mind for many businesses, they need a security provider that has security protection they can trust. In April of 2022 to better understand the security needs of different organizations Microsoft surveyed over 150 different businesses in the United States. Microsoft found that more than 70% of organizations said cyberthreats are starting to become more of a business risk and that they need to take action against it. With nearly one in four businesses stating that they had some kind of security breach in the previous year. Another alarming fact Microsoft had mentioned was that there has been more than a 300 percent increase in ransomware attacks, which happened to be more than half that were directed at SMB’s. Microsoft is one of the few in the security industry that truly reaches end-to-end security. Meaning they provide security solutions that cover Identity and Access Management (secure access to the connected world), Threat Protection (stop attacks with integrated, automated SIEM and XDR), Information Protection (Protect sensitive data ​and manage insider risks with intelligence), and Cloud Security (Safeguard your ​ multi-cloud resources). Due to their heavy investment in end-to-end security, Microsoft can let their security awards do all the talking. From being ranked as a leader in Gartner, IDC and Forrester their security protection is like no other. The Microsoft team is devoted to helping security teams across the country be more successful with a never before seen experience that move beyond other security tools to deliver integrated extended detection and response across security for endpoints, identity, email, and cloud apps.

Microsoft Security Features

Microsoft has end-to-end security that will single handily protect you and your business from any cyber-attacks that you may face this year! To see some of what Microsoft security has to offer including features and product line check out the list below:

Endpoint detection and response

Endpoint protection platform

Forensic tools

Intrusion prevention system

Threat vulnerability management


User and entity behavior analytics

Threat intelligence feeds

App and browser isolation

Attachment sandboxing

Application control

End-user training

Network firewall (URL detonation)

Host firewall

Secure email gateway

Security assessment



Cloud access security broker

Cloud workload protection platform

Cloud security posture management

Incident response services

DDOS protection

IoT protection

Here’s some of Microsoft’s Key Security Product Line

Microsoft Defender for Office 365Single-Sign-On (SSO) for SaaS
Microsoft Defender for EndpointSelf-Service Password Reset (SSPR)
Microsoft Defender for IdentityPassword Protection & Identity Manager
Microsoft Defender for CloudMicrosoft Intune (MDM)
Multi-Factor AuthenticationMicrosoft Purview Message Encryption
Azure Identity ProtectionData Loss Prevention (DLP)
Privileged Identity ManagementData Lifecycle Management
Azure AD Conditional AccessInsider Risk Management

Zero Trust

As 2023 progresses you might continue to hear something in the cybersecurity world called Zero Trust. Zero Trust is a security model that follows the principle of never trust, always verify. It assumes that no user or device should be trusted by default, even if they are within the organization’s network perimeter. Zero trust defense areas include:

  1. Identities
  2. Endpoints
  3. Apps
  4. Data
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Network

From endless features to help keep your business safe from cyberattacks, Microsoft security has been the security platform your business has been waiting for! Not investing in a security plan not only puts you and your business at risk but it also puts everyone who works for the company at risk as well. Contact All Lines Technology today to see how we can determine your security needs for the future of your business.

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