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A New and Clever Hacker Tactic

Hackers have found a new and clever way to trick us.  It appears when browsing infected websites, this new tactic is very difficult to distinguish from a legitimate situation.  Please be aware of this tactic while browsing the web at work and at home.  See below for details. 

Most websites have legit protections designed to check if you are a human or a program (bot) accessing the website.  Most of the time they are invisible to us, but at times the site will produce a popup, like CAPTCHAs, that (normally) only a human can answer correctly.  This protection’s purpose is to stop bots from accessing the website, especially malicious ones that are designed to overload or hack websites.

Here’s the short version: (for those curious, DDoS is “Distributed Denial of Service” with one purpose, to overload the network to the website or online service)

Stay safe!