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Traditional IT

Traditional IT infrastructures are considered to be one of the most secure data hosting solutions and allows you to maintain full control of your company’s applications and data on the local server. They are a customized, dedicated system ideal for organizations that need to run many different types of applications.

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IT Consulting

We manage the technology infrastructure that supports their mission critical business applications. Whether your cloud vision is aggressive or conservative, you must drive ahead with a comprehensive IT management strategy.

How do you know which workloads should move to the cloud? How do you determine if you’re getting the most out of your IT spend? Do you need a smarter virtualization strategy? Is your storage environment able to scale for future capacity? Which technologies are worth investing in?

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All Lines Technology has the expertise on staff to ensure that your datacenter, perimeter, cloud computing, and cloud productivity solutions are accessed securely by your employees. In the modern mobile workplace, security must extend far beyond the physical walls of the office, or even the edge of the network. Software as a Service, Cloud Computing, and empowering a mobile workforce adds complexity to your security needs that must be met to protect your company’s sensitive data in a mobile first, cloud first world. All Lines Technology and our partners has the expertise on staff to ensure that your datacenter, perimeter, cloud computing, and cloud productivity solutions are accessed securely by your employees.


Networking and Wireless

Routers and switches are the fundamental components of a smooth-running network. IT organizations need a routing and switching foundation to serve as the backbone for both wired and wireless networks. The backbone should be highly available, redundant, and efficient for your employees to be productive. All Lines can help assess, design, implement and manage a highly effective network for your organization.

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End User Computing and Mobility

All Lines helps transform the way employees access applications and data. With a growing number of mobile computing devices proliferating the workplace, lines of business turning to cloud-based services, and people demanding more mobility to be productive, IT administrators are faced with a new generation of challenges for securely managing corporate data across a broad array of computing platforms.

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Increase the Efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your IT Operations. With today’s economic and environmental pressures, virtualization continues to lead the way in helping organizations to do more with less. Our virtualization solutions help companies extend their infrastructure, while demonstrating a quick return on investment – easy to justify when times are tough. We can help you build a dynamic virtual infrastructure with the most widely deployed production-proven virtualization solutions.

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Data Center Infrastructure

For many organizations, the rising costs and complexity of maintaining a data center is undermining their other business objectives. Often, the cost of power and the ability to sustain an adequate supply becomes a deterrent to growth. Organizations require a flexible IT infrastructure that manages, supports, and stores all data. With the amount of information businesses are required to house, how to you know which storage solution works best for you?

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Procurement Services

From complex data center integration and moves, virtual desktop initiatives, advanced collaboration projects, and cloud migration implementations, we deliver the hardware and applications necessary to drive business agility. All Lines is simply the best integration choice for organizations in the modern cloud era. All Lines works on the leading edge of technologies and are out in front leading with expertise in hybrid cloud strategy and IT management. As an advanced virtualization, cloud, and managed IT services company, All Lines consistently delivers the best solutions for each customer’s unique environment to get them from where they are, to where they need to be. We continue to invest in the technical training necessary to provide advanced services to meet the unique needs of modern IT organizations. Technical innovation is our priority.

All Lines can assess and help you choose the right path for your business!