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Our team evaluates the maturity of current information cybersecurity capabilities, using well-known industry standards and your specific risks, identifies vulnerable areas, and provides recommendations.


CISO Advisory

Our CISO Advisory services give you everything you need to manage your security risk. A CISO is a trained and experienced executive who guides your organization to the right cybersecurity and program strategies. Each organization has different security needs, business strategies, and risk tolerances, even organizations in the same industry.

  • Business Risk-Focused
  • Collaborative Security Leadership
  • Expert Advisory
  • Cost Effective
  • Business Strategy Alignment
  • Industry-Experienced
  • Proven Methodologies
  • Flexible Investment

Cloud Security

We are here to help Secure your Digital Cloud Transformation. When businesses are looking to move all or part of their operations to the cloud, there is the inevitable question of security. Does hosting our application data in the cloud make our business more vulnerable to cyber attacks? Can our cloud servers handle an attack? What is cloud security and what is the right way to implement it for our business?

Cloud security done right is a solution that answers all these questions, making it an essential component to creating a cloud environment that works for your business. By providing a scalable and flexible network solution, the cloud enables tremendous opportunities.

Cloud security requires multiple levels of controls within the network infrastructure to provide continuity and protection for cloud-based assets like websites and applications. Whether in a public or private cloud, businesses need to balance DDoS protection, high availability, data security, network security, and regulatory compliance in their cloud security provider.

Reinventing your IT environment through cloud adoption will require a security transformation. Our cloud security assessments and consulting services can guide you through the security ramifications of cloud adoption on your strategy, program, providers, controls, and architecture.

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Program Assessment

We can help you understand how secure your environment really is. The need for organizations to protect their information has grown exponentially due to recent technological advances. With the increase in cyber threats and their resulting casualties, there is a demand for tangible reassurance about the security of data from all involved parties.

  • Defining your current “as is’” information security posture
  • Assessing the maturity level of your current information security controls
  • Reviewing the compliance requirements of your organization
  • Understanding your cyber threats and risks
  • Presenting recommendations to improve the maturity level of your organization’s Cybersecurity
  • Our team evaluates the maturity or risk of current information security capabilities, identifies vulnerable areas, and provides recommendations on prioritizing areas for remediation.
  • Deliver prioritized multi-year roadmap

Incident Response

On-demand help for cybersecurity emergencies. You shouldn’t have to worry about a cyber breach distracting you from what matters most, your business.  Although employing preventative security is what we recommend through our other cybersecurity services, All Lines Technology has cybersecurity incident responders available to help you quickly contain, remediate, and recover from a cyber attack. Our incident response team has consultants and engineers with decades of cybersecurity and information technology expertise to address any cybersecurity problem you encounter.  Our proven, industry leading methodology can guide you through the entire cybersecurity incident response process so you can quickly and effectively get back to normal.

All Lines can assess and help you choose the right path for your business!