Increase the Effciency and cost-effectiveness of your IT Operations

With today’s economic and environmental pressures, virtualization continues to lead the way in helping organizations to do more with less. Our virtualization solutions help companies extend their infrastructure, while demonstrating a quick return on investment – easy to justify when times are tough. We can help you build a dynamic virtual infrastructure with the most widely-deployed production-proven virtualization solutions.

With virtualization, reducing hardware and energy costs is already in your power. That’s because when one server does the job of 15,  you vastly increase your data center's utilization rates while decreasing energy consumption. 




All Lines Technology provides proven best practices and guidance by virtualization experts who assess, plan, design, build and optimize customer’s virtual infrastructure environments—maximizing investment throughout the deployment life cycle.


What We Do

• Help migrate applications to the cloud
• Extend the life of older applications
• Isolate applications
• Improve disaster recovery
• Increase uptime
• Redundancy and instant failover capabilities
• Smooth migration of resources
• Virtual firewalls and security
• Reduced costs and a greener footprint