Software Driven Cloud Networking

All Lines Technology through our partnership can offer best-in-class software driven cloud networking solutions for large data centers and high-performance IT environments.   

The five attributes of Software Driven Cloud Networking that are critical to achieving successful cloud deployments and lowering TCO are available across our entire portfolio. These attributes embody all of the core characteristics that are required by our customers to deliver highly efficient, seamless and effective Software Driven cloud IT infrastructures. 


• Available Architectures – highly available, scalable and efficient spine-leaf architectures 

• Agile Work-X – agility to support any workload, workflow or workstream 

• Automation – from native programmability for Do-It-Yourself automation, to DevOps workflow automation, to cloud automation for everyone with CloudVision 

• Analytics – reducing operating costs and time-to-resolution with NetDB real-time state-streaming, as well as the CloudVision Analytics Engine and Telemetry Apps 

• Any Cloud API – programmable platforms allowing rapid, automated deployment and provisioning with open SDK/APIs and single-OS consistency


The Intelligent Edge