VDI Management

For clients who want the ease of access and mobility that virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments enable but who don’t have the resources in house to build, manage, and maintain it, All Lines offers comprehensive VDI Management Services.

All Lines Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions enable clients to:

  • Provide mobile employees with access to PCs in their offices, at home, or on the road
  • Reduce costs with desktops and achieve the goal of becoming device- and operating system-independent
  • Eliminate the high cost and complexity necessary to manage PC desktops
  • Increase productivity from PC downtime and desktop refresh cycles
  • Manage desktop images, and monitor, upgrade, and patch from one centralized location

VDI environments are complex and can be difficult to scale if not designed properly. All Lines VDI management experts understand how a virtual desktop implementation affects the entire IT environment and can help organizations leverage existing license agreements, management tools, network equipment, storage, and other infrastructure components.

Business Drivers for Desktop Virtualization

  • Planning a Windows migration
  • Remote access challenges
  • Desktop refresh plans
  • Pressures to support smart phones and tablets
  • Security and compliance concerns
  • Too much time rolling out new applications and patching

A major barrier to desktop virtualization is the difficulty calculating ROI simply using capital budget numbers. All Lines helps clients understand and compare the true costs of managing physical desktops with the management improvements resulting from VDI.