Customized and effective security awareness training

Phishing or social engineering attacks are some of the top threats we face today and increase year-over-year. They continue to cause a significant number of data breaches and losses for their victims, including ransomware outbreaks.  Your current IT and Security teams are either strained or they simply lack the time to design, implement, or operate an effective program. Employing the All Lines Technology Cybersecurity Division to design, implement, and operate your security awareness training program will not only improve your company’s security culture, it will reduce your risk to one of the top cybersecurity threats we face today.  Customizing your program to the right fit for your size and culture is the key.

Not every company can afford a full, enterprise security team.  With the All Lines Technology Security Awareness Program, every employee becomes a Human  Firewall and a member of your corporate security team by stopping security  incidents and breaches before they happen.  

Cybersecurity awareness training

The key benefits to our program include:
• Security Awareness Training: Education is the only way to prepare your employees to battle the most sophisticated attacks.  Our program trains them  to spot danger, avoid it, and alert your teams.  Add your security policies and procedures to the platform and complete their training.
• Simulated Phishing Tests: Building a culture of “Train instead of Trick” is the key to a successful program.  Safe phishing simulations of real phishing attacks reinforces what they’ve learned and uncovers areas for improvement to continuously improve your employees’ education program and prepare your  employees for the latest threats and attacks.
• ROI through Risk Reduction & Effectiveness Reporting:  Regular effectiveness reporting is important to continuously improve your program.  We baseline your  program and focus to improve your employee defenses.