Cloud Action Plan

In order to recommend the best course of action for a client wishing to move forward with cloud, All Lines’ cloud experts take the time to evaluate: 

  • • The business case for using cloud technologies 

  • • The business outcomes you are trying to achieve 

  • • All of the assets you own or will own 

  • • The multiple services possible to achieve your cloud goals 

We then help clients assess the overall lifecycle of specific applications to determine which cloud providers and cloud delivery models are best for each phase of those applications’ lifecycles. 

As part of All Lines’ Cloud Action plan, we use various tools to analyze the cloud delivery models in regards to cost, infrastructure, performance, availability, security, compliance and regulatory concerns. 

All Lines then reviews and validates target application environments, methodologies, timelines, and deliverables, then recommends a Cloud Action Plan to help clients determine the best fit cloud solutions for their organizations.