All Lines Phased Approach 

Implementing IT as a Service (ITaaS) paradigms requires more than just smart engineers armed with determination. That’s why All Lines utilizes a proven methodology comprised of a standardized framework and repeatable, robust reference architectures to effectively transform large, unwieldy IT organizations (even those running advanced technologies) into secure, agile, innovative service-focused entities.  

Analyze: All Lines analyzes your current state, your challenges, and the different ways you support the business overall. We then help you and your stakeholders envision your desired future state. 

Benchmark: All Lines looks deeply at your current IT service delivery model, including the multiple technologies, systems, people, and processes deployed across your organization. 

Create: All Lines considers the outcomes from the Analyze stage, including the ideal future state vision, and defines a path and builds a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to go. 

Drive: All Lines stands up your new environment closely following the comprehensive plan developed in the Create stage. 



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