Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Disaster recovery is a critical feature that every business, large or small, should employ.  From hardware failures to large-scale natural disasters, businesses must be prepared to bounce back within the shortest time-frame possible. Disaster Recovery as a Service is ideal for organizations where dedicated, off-site, disaster recovery infrastructure is not accessible.

Use of our cloud platform enables DR plan testing that can be regularly undertaken without disruption to your production environment. It's an incredibly cost-effective “pay as you grow” approach you pay a minimum monthly fee based on the number of servers protected and storage consumed, avoiding further infrastructure investment.

What We Do

  • Reduce capital expenditure
  • Rapid recovery process
  • Regular testing available
  • Fully flexible and customizable
  • Our commitment to outstanding support


Disaster Recovery as a Service


With the help of our technical consultants, you'll be able to implement your tailored DR plans quickly and efficiently. Ongoing management is simple too, so you can add or remove servers as needed.